Our History 01

Our History

The Virginia United Methodist Foundation was formed in 1971 as a means of providing stewardship education and managing assets for local churches, districts and agencies of The Virginia United Methodist Conference. In 2012, the Virginia United Methodist Foundation was blessed to receive as its new President, Dave Thompson. During his tenure of the Foundation, he led assets under management from $30 million dollars to over $44 million dollars in 2014. Mr. Thompson guided the Foundation to hire Rev. Stephen Clark as the Planned Giving Officer in 2013. Upon Mr. Thompson’s retirement, Rev. Clark was elected President of the Virginia United Methodist Foundation in June 2014.  Stephen guided the Foundation to assets under management of $98 million dollars. He further nurtured the creation of the Virginia United Methodist Development Company, LLC (‘DevCo’) in 2014 and led the Foundation to form the Virginia United Methodist Real Estate Management Company (‘REMCO’) in 2017.  Rev. Stephen Clark retired in March 2018. 

During these past six years, the Foundation and the Development Company have witnessed extraordinary growth. The work of the Foundation under these Christian leaders has demonstrated the furtherance of its mission and core values while fulfilling its calling. 

Since its inception, the Foundation has existed to assist local churches across the Conference in expanding their programs and ministries through effective stewardship of investments and endowment funds, planned giving and church extension loans. May the future be a legacy of greater opportunities to serve the Virginia Annual Conference and the ministries of the United Methodist Church.