Grants Process

The deadline for 2019 grant applications has passed. Please visit our website in September 2020 for more details about applying. 

The Foundation awards a limited number of grants to Virginia Methodist Churches and affiliated agencies of the VA United Methodist Conference. Through these awards of grant dollars, we seek to enhance and expand these ministries. The ultimate goal is to provide assistance, whether it be a one-time grant or a grant that will help a ministry become self-sustaining.

These grants are made only for programs and activities (including operating expenses and supplies) necessary for those programs or activities. They are not made for building repair, replacement, or expansion. 

Foundation grant awards are reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Committee. The Committee makes a recommendation to the full Board of Directors to be voted on at the November board. Please contact us at if you have any questions about Foundation grants or the grant application process.

Guidelines of The Virginia United Methodist Foundation Grants

Mission Statement:

The United Methodist Foundation of the Virginia Conference Grants Committee exists for the primary purpose to make financial awards for proposals, projects, ministries, programs and activities at the CONFERENCE and DISTRICT LEVEL of the Virginia Conference. The committee will conscientiously attempt to communicate with district and conference leadership to better ascertain and understand district and conference needs and opportunities that have the capacity/potential for enriching many or all local churches or affiliated agencies of the Virginia Conference.

Foundation Grant Guidelines

Guidelines of the Dr. William J. and Frances Hanna Memorial Grant

Mission Statement:

The Dr. William J. and Frances Hanna Memorial Grant of The United Methodist Foundation of the Virginia Conference exists for the primary purpose to fund one special initiative annually that can maximize impact in the broadest context. This grant is designed with a special focus on creating a new strategic ministry initiative that could have potential for wide impact across the Conference. Funds may be used in any variety of directions for clergy or laypeople; for local church planting and for revitalization.

Hanna Grant Guidelines

Guidelines of the Micah 6:8/No Harm Do Good Endowment Grant

“God has told you, human one, what is good and what is required of you to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Mission Statement:

It is the donor’s desire that special care be directed to fulfill the stated purpose through outreach and ministry to persons or groups of persons outside the United Methodist Church in hope of changing lives and transforming the world. This fund is not to replace or establish the giving of funds to church members or persons coming to a local church for assistance. Nor is it to be used for evangelism. Guiding the discernment process for the distribution of funds is Micah 6:8 and a similar focus from United Methodist heritage, John Wesley’s “Three General Rules”: Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.

Micah Grant Guidelines