Fact Sheet

Current Foundation RelationshipsNumberValue as of 10/31/17
Local church related207$41,960,214
Individual endowments81$11,594,174
District and agency funds31$12,472,111
Charitable Gift Annuities45$644,961
Foundation controlled funds2$626,157
Total: $67,297,617

Fee Schedule as of 12/17/2015:

  • 85 bps on the first $200,000 of market value
  • 80 bps on the next $300,000 of market value
  • 75 bps on the next $500,000 of market value
  • 70 bps on all over $1,000,000 of market value

Merrill Lynch Global Institutional Consulting

M/L Global Institutional Consulting1,600$100 Billion
Non-Profit/Religious-Based590$26 Billion

Humphrey Kelly Group

An institutional consulting team within Merrill Lynch consisting of 16 members, 5 consultants, 8 Philanthropic and Investment Specialists and 3 support staff.


  • Scott Kelly, Senior Vice President – 21 years’ experience
  • Mark Humphrey, Senior Vice President – 28 years’ experience
Humphrey-Kelly GroupNumberValue
Clients27$1.1 Billion
Non-Profit/Religious Based16$600 million

Other Methodist Foundations who are clients: Kentucky and Louisiana

Fee Schedule:Blended fee for individual managers27 bps
 Merrill Lynch Global Institutional Consulting27 bps
 Total54 bps