Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaigns can assist a church in developing a way to increase funds for much needed church capital improvements and acquisition of property. The Virginia United Methodist Foundation is able to assist churches in developing a campaign. First, our expert staff will work with the church on a feasibility study. This study will review financials and membership information. Once this study has been completed and presented to the church leaders, our staff will present proven options to make your church’s capital campaign a success.

Why should my church run a Capital Campaign?

  1. A Capital Campaign is a great way to challenge congregants to grow their giving and missional engagement.  Many church members are still giving the same amount they were giving five years ago, maybe even ten or more years ago. The good news is that they are giving. The bad news is they are in a rut. A capital campaign rooted in vision and presented authentically can help church people get out of that rut and, in most cases, have a very visible, tangible benefit of their giving.
  2. A Capital Campaign will focus on encouraging gifts from assets as they consider their legacy. The largest pocket of ‘cash’ available is not income – but accrued assets, like appreciated stocks or a ‘qualified charitable distribution’ of an IRA. Most think of giving from their income – and miss the major impact of a legacy gift or planned gift. Very few have large cash reserves or discretionary funds to give in a capital campaign. However, assets that have grown in value over time are prime for giving to support long-term mission and ministry through a capital campaign.
  3. A Capital Campaign provides a tangible buy-in to the vision. Church meetings and post meetings in the parking lot are full of instructions about what the church should do. But there is a difference between saying that someone should do something and actually stepping up to the plate and paying for it. Good stewardship says that if it isn’t important enough for the congregation to pay for, it isn’t important enough for other church funds to be used.
  4. A successful Capital Campaign will preserve the bequest for endowing and enabling future ministries. A capital campaign can be a great time to engage the congregation in thinking about the long-term of ministry in their church – and connecting that with their legacy and gifts they would consider in their estate design. The bequest the pastor had called about could support the church’s ministry ad infinitum. It could have been $5,000-10,000 each year, if the church used a 5% spending policy. However, if you lop off a third or half of the principal that annual gift shrinks along with it.

Questions about creating your church’s Capital Campaign? Contact our team today!


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